I first took my vows upon the Path of Selfless Service in 1999.  I became a Devotee, having underwent a total life transformation physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It was the introduction to the Healing Arts, Meditation, & Esoteric Studies that lead me to dramatically heal & save my life from chronic anxiety, trauma, depression, numerous physical injuries, mysterious auto-immune disorders, & sheer ignorance.  Given a second chance to live, I vowed to dedicate my life's Path to deeply awakening into my fullest potential. I desired to share with others what placed me onto a road of Self-Love & WellBeing. I became intensely devoted to the lifestyle of self-healing and immursed my self  in all avenues of training because I knew I was born to embody this destiny.  I wanted to work with all types, ages, levels & needs of people.  I knew that the signature of my life could be no other way. If  I really wanted to sustain my  benefits and deepen into my own inner journey of mindfulness, I understood that the last step in healing was to embody the teachings and to pass them on to others still suffering.

Since then I have dedicated my Life to teaching Self-Care & Self-Healing practices under the Science of Yoga Therapy and the Art of Holistic Healing. It is important to express that the transmission I carry surpasses anything that can be "learned". It doesnt matter how many certifications & trainings I have had, what makes my offerings potent is the fact that I have direct experience & am a living testimonial of evidence that holistic healing therapies can completely transform one's life if you develop a practice and make it a lifestyle!

One must also have the ability to connect to Spirit during these sessions, as all the knowledge and even experience will only take you so far. We must also be co-creative in our healing time, to work with a force greater than Us, to surrender any manuscript, any agenda, any pre-meditated motives and trust in the miraculous unfoldment of Grace. The healing begins when we can invite, open up, and then surrender into Grace. When this happens, We become that kind of Living Grace.

I have shared these offerings in homes, schools, gyms, studios, spa's, retreat centers, hospitals, art gallerys, colisiums, clinics, churches, corporate locations, beaches, for 20+ years, intensely & have directed several Healing Art Programs and Stress Reduction Programs over the course of time for centers in florida, including my own operation in SRQ.

I conduct my service mainly at "The Breathing Space", which is an intimatly, beautiful & serene setting held in professional, high-quality & upmost Care. I consider my private sessions to be a potently healing and nourishing experience. I have created a "Breathing Space" that is a supportive haven for Guests to feel safe to unwind into their own journey of self-healing and deep relaxation.







My Commitment To You:


  • To Be a Healing and Nurturing Presence


  • To Educate, Teach, & Counsel


  • To be a Sacred Supporter


  • To Empower & Inspire you on your Journey


  • To assist you in the midst of Self-Healing


  • When we work together, I protect your time from distractions, and maximize your results


  • To align with your deepest needs & desires


  • To customize an experience for you within the mental capacity you are at.




My Personal Story

 of how I stepped on The Path

Over 20+years of Full-Time Experience In Holistic Healing Therapies


  • Holistic Healing Therapist
  •  Stress Management Specialist
  • Private Yoga Therapist
  • Spa Estethician
  • Universal Minister for All Faiths
  • Sufi Healing Conductor
  • Rites of Passage Ceremonialist
  • Life Transitions & Death Midwifery
  • Multi-Certified Yoga/Meditation Teacher 
  • Multi-Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Multi-Certified Holistic Fitness 
  • Ballet Barre Fitness Instructor
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Certified Trance Dance Facilitator
  • Devotional Trance & Shakti Medium
  • Shakti Healing ,Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing
  • Women's Empowerment Guide
  • Floral Designer
  • Home Stager/Decorator


Lineage Transmission 

 & Holistic Healing Education

  • Chisti Sufi Order Initiate
  • Ordained Healing Conductor in Sufi Order
  • Universal Sufism Ordained Minister
  • Ordained Advanced Spiritual Guide in Life Transitions
  • Ordained Death Midwife
  • Integrative Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapist School
  • Certified Stress Management Specialist
  • Sivananda Vedanta College of Yoga Initiate
  • The Yoga Institute Teacher Training School
  • Shiva Rea Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training School
  • Shiva Rea Trance Dance Teacher Training
  • Sri Vidya Shakta Initiate in Ancient Goddess Worship
  • Sri Vidya Tantra Initiate
  • Pilates Institute of America Teacher Training
  • The Method, Joseph H. Pilates Teacher Training
  • International Barre Certification
  • Enrollment with Isadora Duncan Dance Educator Program
  • Years of extensive training/continuing education in styles:  Anusara Yoga,Therapeutic and Stress Management,  Emotional Freedom Technique, Kundalini, Restorative, Yin, Energy Medicine, Group FItness Instructor Certification, Aqua Yoga, World Dance, Pre-Modern Dance.
  • Graduate of International Academy For Estethics & Spa
  • International Ballet Barre Fitness Association
  • IAP Carrer College-Floristry