Accomodating 3 Month Wellness Rentals, Over-Night Retreats, & Concious Co-Living 
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3 Month Rentals for

Wellness Practitioner-In-Residence

& Conscious Co-Living Short-Term Program

3 Month Rentals in the Garden Suite

 at The Breathing Space Wellness House would be a great fit for you if: 


Your already healthy and want to be healthier.


You desire to contribute in the process of WellBeing and your ability

to maintain peace and harmony in the home is Strong.


You enjoy Self Growth, Peaceful Living, and your own Solo Retreat Space.


You have no addictions or dependencys

and have your own spiritual or self growth practice of self- awareness.


You are self-sufficent as a single person

who enjoys calm and quiet during specific hours of the day for solitude.


Forms of Barder, Gardening, or Wellness Service Collaberation may interest you.


You can harmonize with Healing Work happening on the Retreat Property

such as Private Sessions and Private One-Day Retreats

 in synergy and balance with your own retreat and work schedule.

This is a Wellness House so wellness is practiced and explored here

in one-on-one quiet settings.


You work outside of the Wellness House at least part-time

for a successful balance of harmonizing

with Private Sessions and One Day Retreats being held.


The Garden Suite is a fully furnished, luxe, efficiency-like room with its own restroom, private porch, and private entrance. It is designed for vacation rentals. Renters who travel light with a minimalist lifestyle will feel very equipped, supported, and spacious here. The Short term rental is not equipped to move out furniture or change the foundational design during your stay. If you are relocating to SRQ and have furniture and many things, it is best to rent storage near by and to maintain your "Breathing Space" the way it was designed. This rental is a great landing pad for those in life transitions and are seeking a independent retreat and self healing experience to delve into while preparing to build and integrate a new life cycle, here in florida. A supportive and positive atmosphere is provided, authentic kinship, wellness guidance on any level, possible collaberation, beautiful and healing grounds, and the opportunity to nurture your femininty and self-love are a few priceless perks of the rental. Lifetime friendships have great potential to form. Big transformative growth and grace is shared upon all residents when Co-Living is done consciously. Consious Co-Living allows us to practice what it feels like to be supported, to trust, to cooperate, to engage and harmonize in a wellness compound setting.

Peace begins at the place we call Home.




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