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The Breathing Space

A Private Wellness Haven for Body~Mind~Spirit Therapies

 Rev. Maalika-Shay Devidasi, Yoga Therapist, Director



The New Breathing Space

Wellness House Model now facilitates

 Over-Night Accomadations with

 Add-On Holistic Therapy

Treatments at Discount Pricing.



Give the Gift of Self-Love to You or a Loved One. You do so much to nurture others, now this is YOUR time to rest & receive in a healing & nourishing experience...

Begin with a gentle, aromatic, 75 minute customized, private yoga session aimed to restore, relax, & rejuvenate you on every level. Refreshments & Solitude will follow in the garden or indoor candle-lit dining. Choose from a light, organic, salad or a vibrant, fresh, fruit bowl accompanied with a glass of fine wine or calming herbal tea. Conclude your mini-retreat with an 80 minute Rose Quartz Facial & Healing Energy Treatment to nurture, calm, & soothe your skin, emotions, & Spirit. When you take time to take Care of your Self, you can take care of your world better. This is a perfect experience for those needing that kind of re-balancing. 

 "Self-Love" Mini-Retreat: $175


Restore Yoga

"Self - Love" Mini Retreat


Breathwork & Self-Inquiry

Calm Tea or Wine

Succulant Fruit Bowl

Roses & Healing Energy

Rose Quartz Facial

Sound-Clearing Practice

Purifying Breathwork

Chakra Analysis Session

Guided Visualization

Chakra Yoga Practice

Clearing Practices

Herbal Teas

Succulant Organic Salad

Chromotherapy Meditation

Energy Swiping &Healing

Gong & Aromatherapy

Chakra Practices

Stress-Reduction Yoga

Breathing Meditations

Silence Meditation

Nature Meditations

Eating Meditation

Fire & Moon Meditation

Cleansing Meditation

Writing Meditation

Sleeping Meditation

Silent Contemplation

Mindful Tasting

Self-Inquiry Session

Relaxation Sauna Yoga

Verbal Sharing 

& Processing Session

& Meditation

Press the Re-Set button on your psyche's intentions & actions. An over-night Silent Retreat provides the Space needed to Slow your Rhythm & take a gentle break from all distractions, outside influences, & the ordinary.


This 24hr Retreat perfectly accommodates the busy person who can not break away from family, work, & routine for a longer period of time, but who still needs to step outside of their life to Regroup & Center one's self.


Receive some Breathing Space to re-group your focus, explore new possibilities, & rest the Senses of Speech & taking in external information.


Explore a Series of Meditations- all to help you center your self towards the solitude of Peace & Knowingness.


This Silent individual retreat focuses on resting into quiet space to explore a series of self-inquiry & meditation practices. The practices urge you to return to seating the placement of your thoughts, mood, & deeds toward solitude & peace.  


You will explore yoga practices, breathing meditations, silent meditations, nature meditations, eating meditations, cleansing meditations, & sleeping meditations. You will be given two spa treatments included in this retreat composed of an Ah-Sauna Yoga Treatment for Relaxation and also a custom candle-lit,  jacuuzi bath with Rose oil, herbs, essential oils, flower essences, and flowers to induce deep healing and relaxation. Enjoy luxurious & natural bathing toiletries, down-alternative luxury bedding and robe with slippers to unwind in.  Aromatherapy, fresh flowers, herbal tea tonics, warm compresses, fresh fruit & snacks will also accompany your visit.


Sometimes The Way Forward, Is to Retreat.

Retreat Schedule:    (Day Light Savings Time)

2:45-3:30pm: Arrival, Announcements, & Decompression

3:30-4:45pm: Affirmation Yoga, Breathwork, Mini-Meditation

4:45-5:00pm: Silent Break

5:00-6:00pm Nature Meditations held in Nature

6:00-6:30pm Silent Break

6:30-7:30pm Self-Inquiry Practices & Writing Meditation

7:30-8:30pm Sunset Dinner & Eating Meditation

8:30-9:00pm- Fire, Moon, & Stars Meditation

9:00pm- Cleansing Meditation

10:00pm- Sleeping Meditation, Silence

8:30-9:00am: Yogini Hot Tonic & Exotic Fresh Fruit

9:00-9:20am: Outdoor Morning Breathwork & Meditation

9:20-9:30am: Silent Break

9:30-10:45am: "Relaxation" Infrared Sauna Yoga & Meditation

(Comes with Chromotherapy, Brainwave Music Therapy,

and Essential oils)

10:45-11:15am: Coconut Mint Shower and Salt Scrub

11:15-12:00pm: Breaking Silence, Verbal Sharing & Processing Session, Closing Intention

12:00pm: Pack up & Check Out



No Phone Zone: No phones, laptops, or electronical devices allowed. Focus is on Silence, Regrouping & Centering. You owe this to your Self. Unplug from the mechanical ways of life & plug into a natural rhythm that supports clarity and self-realization. This retreat is wonderful for beginners who have never retreated in to Silence before.



Included with Price:  Sunday Light Breakfast will be a variety or organic, fresh, ripe, whole fruits accompanied with Maalika's Special Yogini Elixr: A warming morning hot tonic of tumeric, cinnamon, cardamon, maple syrup, sea salt, vanilla, & almond milk froth fusion. Tumeric reduces inflamation, cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar, sea salt mineralizes the electrical body, maple syrup strengthens immunity, & almond milk has a calming effect upon the body.  Served in a delicate oversized tea caup & saucer accented with gold butterflies to signify the blessing of drinking a cup of transformation. Made by a Yogini, for a Yogini, With Love. If you have a speciific diet, please let me know.


Saturday Dinner is sold separately: Dinner is served to you from your choice of anything on the menu that Doorstep Delivery provides. 


Raw Food Preference: If you prefer raw food during your retreat, Maalika will prepare you a large Raw Vegan Exotic Dinner Salad composed of your favorite vegetables for an extra price. Or Ionies can be ordered from Doorstep Delivery ahead of time.


Water: Purified, Filtered Water is available here. Herbal Teas, & Sparkling Water is available for dinner.


Accommodations Include:  luxurybedding linens/blankets/pillows, private master suite & bath, towels, shower amenities excluding toothbrush & toothpaste.


Please Bring: Toothbrush/toothpaste, Notebook/Journal,  & a sweater/jacket if needed, tank top/shorts for sauna session, a change of clothes, pajamas, flip flops for outdoor sessions, and an Open Mind.


What to do Before your Retreat: For dietary, sleeping, & all special requests please inform Maalika-Shay prior to Retreat in email by the wednesday prior to your Sat. Retreat. 

Please place your Dinner Order at the following website:

IMPORTANT:  Make sure to edit the Date and Delivery Time. Make sure to Place the delivery time for 7:15pm. You will need the full address of The Breathing Space prior to placing your order, it will be in your email I will send to you the week of your retreat. Regrouping & Centering"  Over-Night Quiet Retreat:  $200. Enjoy a $400 Value at half off! 


"Regrouping & Centering"  Over Night  Quiet  Retreat

Renewing Your Intention


Holistic Fitness

Self-Inquiry Practice

Essential Oil Steam

Infrared Sauna Yoga Detox


Brainwave Music Therapy 

Undistracted Space

Eucylyptus Cleanse

Deep Rest Set

 Healing Energy to Rebalance

Vegan, Organic Salad

Herbal Tea/Wine

Garden Reflection

Ayurveda Facial

Beauty & Inspiration

Rose & Affirmation Gift

" Returning To  My  Best  Self " One  Day Retreat

I have taken a retreat & am now clear with what distinctly needs to be addressed & transformed within me. I am determined & ready to say good bye to one aspect of my life & say hello to a new & expansive state of Being.


I want to acknowledge & honor my history, the depth of my own effort, & the growth I have made thus, far.


I want to bring blessing to my future path & take root in knowing which direction to take now.


I have gone through a life Change that deserves the respect of agknowledment in a conscious way so I can heal & transcend & come into my wholeness again. 


Thank You for being a Sacred Supporter of my own Personal Self-Healing Journey, that only I can take. I would like your guidance as a Ceremonialist to help me catalyze new patterns within my self & life which will be provoked through the symbolism of my own custom ceremony.


I am walking through a new Gate of Self-Empowerment & I want to express & feel that so deeply, authentically  & beautifully in a way that only a rites of passage can reflect & inspire.




Who would choose a Customized Ceremony?...

Retreat & Ceremony

Inquiries & Bookings :

You MUST answer the first 6 questions below or the form will not be submitted. I need this info prior to calling you.

Individual Retreats help to Process

& are a Gentle & Deep Unwinding.....


While Customized Ceremonies help to Catalyze

required Action & are immediate....... 

Spend the Day Learning, Clearing, & Balancing your Chakras in both a Educational & Ceremonial Setting. Journey through the 7 Energy Centers by exploring Chakra Yoga Therapy, Energy Medicine, Sound Clearing techniques, Trauma-Release Practices, Breathwork to activate your chakras, Guided Visualization Meditations, & Spiritual Practices.


Experience a direct re-balancing & also receive tangible chakra balancing tools to integrate into your life to stay clear, bright, & strong.


Phase One: Setting Intentions, Tantric Buddhist Vowel Sound-Clearing Practice, & Purifying Breathwork to Open your conscience & clear the body's nerve channels. 


Phase Two: Explore the depths of your Subtle System through Guided Visualization & Verbal Sharing while in a meditative & relaxed state. Private Yoga Therapy Chakra Analysis on Chakra's 1,2,3. Explore the subtleties of the first 3 energy centers & see how they effect your Survival, Family, Finances. Your Desire's, any Abandonment Issues, sexual energy, & Ability to Manifest. Confidence, Power, Happiness. 


Phase Three:  Silent Break (herbal teas and fresh fruit available)


Phase Four: Explore the depths of your Subtle System through Guided Visualization & Verbal Sharing while in a meditative & relaxed state. Private Yoga Therapy Chakra Analysis on Chakra's 4,5,6. Explore the subtleties of the next 3 energy centers & see how they effect your Ability to Forgive, provide Self-Love, Heal. Communicate your Truth, Speak up for others, endocrine balance. See the Big picture, break free from mental limits, clear confusion. 


Phase Five: Silent Break (herbal teas and fresh fruit available)


Phase Six: Explore the depths of your Subtle System through Guided Visualization & Verbal Sharing while in a meditative & relaxed state. Conclude Private Yoga Therapy Chakra Analysis with Chakra 7. Explore the subtleties of the Crown Center & see how it can effect your Ability to Receive Greater Understanding, Feel Unified with All Beings & Things, Dissolves split-thinking & separation  feeling alone in this world. 


Phase Seven: Energy Medicine Practices to Clear, Breathing Practices to Activate, Chakra Yoga Practice to integrate information from Chakra Analysis &  balance energy centers.


Phase Eight: Light Lunch & Herbal Teas. 


Phase Nine: Chakra Meditation & Chromotherapy followed by Gong bath to clear & assimilate Subtle System.


Phase Ten: To Clear & then to Nourish. Energy Swiping of the old residue followed by Healing Energy & Closing Blessing from Maalika-Shay. 


Phase Eleven: Begins Once you leave The Breathing Space. Do not schedule anything afterwards. Go home & rest in Silence. Retreat from all thoughts, words, worries, issues, rhythms, & responsibilities  Take this full day to process & integrate for best results. 


How long is this retreat?: Reserve 4-5 hours for this Retreat. It all depends upon you & how much time you need to get centered, explore, self-inquire, process, & break  from each chakra practice. The chakras are an immense subject, filled with vast information and exploration. This retreat is designed as a therapeutic process for one to retrieve vital information to assist in the clearing & balancing process. Time should not be rushed to authentically shift a held pattern in the subtle system.
Cost: $200 the first four hours, plus lunch. If you needed more time to explore & process in the Individual Chakra Analysis as issues may unexpectedly arise & need to be addressed before moving on, please add $25 for each 30mins after 4hours.
Chakra Clearing Ceremonies are also available & strongly recommended as a second step to personalize a point of passage on relation to the topic of imbalance that was discovered in this Chakra One Day Retreat. Chakra Ceremonies involve you stepping into your full power to authentically release old pathological cords that might be lingering around each center. We use a ceremonial ritual process using breath, voice, chanting, mudra, energywork, water, fire, ether ,earth, air, yantra, & prayer to catalyze the ending of old patterns & the mark of new beginnings.

"Chakra Yoga Therapy" Retreat

A One Day Retreat addressed to Purify, Fortify, & Focus. Detox from distraction & Initiate a New self- care plan of Action. 

 For those that are caught up in external tasks, and have let time slip by, lets take the day to re-establish your care & renew your personal goals, strengthen your willpower & awareness levels. 

Receive Support, concentrated focus, exclusive time & undistracted space to enhance your vitality within Heart, Mind, Body. Orientate your Self back to the basics of building a strong foundation for Well-Being. This Package makes a unique & unforgettable loving experience for a Loved One you'd like to support or your self. 

Phase One: Begin with engaging in Breathwork to clear the mind & boost immunity, followed by meditative & intriguing Self-Inquiry Practices that help you to Re-Set Your Intentions & Re-affirm your personal goals. This part is worth it alone!

Phase Two: Enjoy slowly warming up the body & wringing out all tight muscles & mental tension with a deep, slow, stretch set to the "Relaxation" Infrared Sauna Heat Program. The Relaxation Program gives an enjoyable, warm heat that specifically addresses the nervous system. Perfect for stiffness, inflexibility, & tension of all kinds. The Yoga is customized according to your needs, conditions, & desires.

Become inspired again with the help of Chromotherapy, as you bathe in custom colors to strengthen your emotional, mental, & physical goals. 

Allow Brainwave Music Therapy to help re-balance your thought patterns & enhance success with your custom intentions. Choose from "freedom from addictions", "Detach from Anxiety", "Strengthening Relationships", " Astral Travel",  "Pain Management", & "Miracles & Transformation", just to name a mere few! This therapy is customized according to your focus.

Phase Three: Next, receive a customized holistic fitness session. Choose from 30mins. of Pilates or Yogalates addressing core & total body. Choose from levels: Beginner, 1, 2 ,or 3. Composed of joint therapy exercises & a rejuvenating Zen routine that will leave you feeling enlivened, inspired, & toned. This type of movement is excellent for those that have not been working out consistently. It is a gentle yet thorough body/mind/spirit fitness experience.

Note: Phase Three can be performed in Yoga Studio in cooler temperature or in the warm glow of the Infrared Sauna for a deep, detoxifying sweat

Phase Four: Then, receive an invigorating Essential Oil face steam bath in conjunct with a breathing practice to purify the respiratory system & mental body. Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for many physical, psychological, & spiritual conditions. 

Phase Five: Use warm towels infused with eucalyptus & herbs over the body to rejuvenate & clean your skin. (other oil options available for those allergic or with alternative preference  Exfoliate your body with dry brushing followed by showering with a detoxifying salt scrub for purity of body & spirit.

Phase Six: Deeply unwind into total relaxation with a "Deep Rest Set". As you lie in stillness & solitude, receive a healing energy session accompanied with or without Brainwave Music Therapy.

Phase Seven: Enjoy a Silent Lunch in the Gardens or indoors by candle-light & roses. Re-charge your body with a healthy vegan, organic salad made from a delicious array of vegetables of your choice & herbal tea or wine.

Phase Eight: Conclude your day with a Custom Ayurveda Facial that deeply cleanses with rotating brushes, steam enzymatic exfoliation, vacuum suction blackheads, spray-tone, facial massage, custom mask to refine pores & improve texture, deep Ayurvedic moisturizer hand massage, ending with intense serum hydration to soothe wrinkles & fine lines.

Phase Nine: Leave with a nurturing Water Blessing customized with your personal affirmation & a fragrant rose to Remember the Beauty that is You, through & through.

Phase Ten: Begins when you get home. Refrain from all distraction, work, chores, & talk. Take the rest of the evening to integrate the fruits of all your conscious clearing. Integration is essential & can only authentically be done through repose & quieting the mind. Attempt to get deep & undisturbed sleep tonight & honor the seeds that have been germinated within. 

"Returning To My Best Self "One Day Retreat: $300