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Holistic Healing Therapies

Private Retreat Menu


All treatments consider the clients body/mental/ emotional/spirit spiritual state

and aim to bring balance with self-care techniques, healing energy, & a wisdom dialogue

of deep inner process & discovery. This takes time to explore all arenas.


Guests pick and choose from this a' la carte menu of services

to tailor a special and nurturing experience for them selves.


 After you have an idea of interests, contact Maalika and she will begin to refine

and curate your retreat itinerary.  She will need to know your desired day or dates you would like

to spend concentrated self-healing time for your self, and whether you choose just one treatment, two treatments 

or a thorough 3-day private journey of self empowerment and transformation.


We always begin with Intention Setting and Wisdom Dialogue accompanied with Welcome Tea and Tour,

regardless of how many therapies your choose to explore. So if you tailor 3hours of therapies or more,

be sure to include this session in your planning.


If you are receiving only one treatment, 

you do not need to purchase the 60min Intention Setting, as Maalika will offer a complimentary brief version

 of this witihn the first 20 mins of our time together.   



Over-Time Protocol:

Please note that when we are working together wether it be through a wisdom dialogue or a service:

If your needs, personal process, understanding, expression, & exploration need more time than the minimum time frame

shown below, I am completely able to provide you with undistracted, concentrated time,however,  every HALF HOUR we spend together after this minimum time is $15, please be mindful

thank you! for  supporting  and blessing this time given in exchange. 



60min. Intention Setting & Wisdom Dialogue

accompanied with Welcome Tea & Tour upon arrival

After the tour,  join me in the garden for a preliminary experience, where we open up into a dialogue

that begins to carve and excavate the heart of your intention for your retreat focus.

I will assist you as a sacred supporter upon your self-healing journey,

helping to guide you to create new pathways & patterns within your Self.

This time also allows questions & your itinerary to arise so clarity can prevail. 

 Pricing: $60




90min. Yoga Nidra Bedtime Meditation 

If you will arrive in the evening, slip into your jammies and enjoy a deep state of conscious rest,

equivalent to 3 hours of restoration, known as Yogic Sleep. Intended to uproot imbalances in the conscious, subconscious,

and unconscious state and to help with insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain,

  & increase body, breath, awareness & mind, heart, spirit wellness.

Enjoy 20mins of Restore Bedtime Yoga followed by a 70min. Yogic Sleep Meditation.

 Pricing: $50




90min. Intention Setting & Intuitive Messaging

Receive sacred support to anchor and clarify your focus, reset your emotional & mental outlook, gain insight & clarity

to help facilitate a change through exchanging a wisdom dialogue, working with insight cards, intention and intuition.

 Pricing: $70




90min. Private Yoga Therapy  Session

A customized Self-Love practice that nurtures greater calm & understanding toward your unique circumstance

& induces Self-Healing & deep relaxation. Explore therapeutic yoga to manage thoughts & feelings toward a peaceful state of ease.

The session is revolved around your intent, desire, and needs.  I provide guidance in the fine subtleties 

of Meditations, Breathing Practices, Self-Inquiry Practices, Affirmations, Verbal-Sharing,

Muscle Relaxation techniques, Yoga Nidra, Sound-Healing techniques,

& other holistic exercises as I see fit, to carve new pathways of Peace for your inner Being. 

 Pricing:   $100 Single Sessions,    $75, 4-Week Series




100min. Stress Management/Anti-Anxiety Private Session

Learn how to manage stress through a dialogue, lecture, & exploration in this educational session to control impulses,

boost your immune system, acquire more resiliency & ease. Essential Oils & warm herbal compress included.

We focus on bringing balance and healing to the physical, subtle, emotional, mental, and spiritual

customized according to one's needs and desires. The focus is on Self-Healing and nervous system restoration.

Pricing: $100 Single Sessions,    $75, 4-Week Series



90min. Custom Gemstone Chakra Healing Facial

Receive nurturing energy & true care directed into energy centers (Chakras) to help catalyze self-healing

breakthroughs for the emotional body. Your Hydropeptide facial includes steam, exfoliation, rose quartz massage, mask, and hydration

integrated with meditation, reiki, essential oils, & intention-setting on a bed of petals.  

Spiritual Spa Therapy is a holistic practice that considers both the skin & the psyche.

 Pricing:  $125




Ritual Bath

Custom curated ritual baths to embody one's intent and to cleanse the emotional and psychic system. Includes custom flower essences, custom essential oils, dead sea salts, turquoise minerals, epson salts, coconut oil, jacuzzi soak in bouquets of flowers, around crystals and candles, a custom water blessing, spa music, and an elixir with berries.

 Pricing: $65



90min. Energy Clearing & Balancing Treatment 

Culminate intent, recalibrate focus, clear psycho-emotional balance, and gain back a sense of self empowerment.  

Each Session is uniquely guided by Spirit and customized to empower your ability to self-heal & facilitate a change.

The use of many ceremonial tools that may include gems, energy clearing techniques, transformational breathing, affirmations,

esoteric work, sound, psychic cord removal,& both dynamic movement & receptive stillness may be implemented. 

 Pricing: $125




90min. Essential Oil Aromatic Detox Treatment

A sequence of 9 medicinal grade essential oils applied to the soles of the feet and spine with a light feathering touch

to allow the oils to absorb into the skin. This aids in detoxification and shields pathogens, builds the immune system,

improves structural alignment, & promotes respiratory benefits. Each oil distinctly addresses systems of the body. 

Combined with a custom wellness meditation, intentional breathwork, sound therapy, and body blessing.

 Pricing: $125



100min. Sunlighten Full Spectrum Infrared  Sauna Zen Detox Treatment 

It produces a deep, detoxifying sweat at cellular levels, where most toxins reside.

Sunlighten Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy is used as a form of dis-ease treatment as well as disease prevention.

Choose from :

Pain Management,



Skin Healing,


or Detox Program.


This 100minute  Zen Detox Includes: 


Your Choice or a Fusion Blend of Customized Private Yoga, Yogalates, or Barre ZenThat treats your Physical, Subtle, Psycho-EmotionalSpiritual needs & desires. This holistic treatment focuses on every aspect of your self for a well rounded experience. 


Chromotherapy  Is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies

that result in harmonic balance and health. It accomplishes this via the full spectrum of visible LED light,

each color of which addresses a separate bodily/psycho-emotional need. 


Brainwave Music A series of electronic pulses layered underneath relaxing music or alone,

that matches one of the brainwave frequencies that you wish to access to produce specific results.

The result is a focused whole-brain state known as Hemi-Synch,

where the left/right brain is working together in a state of coherence. 


Breathwork & Aromatherapy Steam Therapeutic Essential oils stimulate endorphins and brighten the subtle system.

Breathwork is combined to cleanse the respiratory system & the mental body.


Eucalyptus Herbs towel cleanse After the treatment, enjoy cleansing the entire body with hot towels

steamed in organic & natural eucalyptus oils & cleanser for a fresh, tingling, all-over feel.

Pricing: $125



2hr. Moonlit-Journaling & Tranformative Fire Ritual

I will assist you as a sacred supporter upon your self-healing journey,

helping to guide you to create new pathways & patterns within your Self.

Explore Self Inquiry Questions over a blanket of stars, sip on an elixer, and use flowers and fire to initiate new beginnings and close outdates cycles. This therapy is both therapeutic and also under the spectrum of transformative arts.

 Pricing: $ 80




Garden Dining Sensory Experience

Enjoy a whimsical garden dining experience. This Service is Seasonal and pending upon Chef collaberations.

When there is not a Chef on site, you are welcome to Order-In from any meal delivery service and your meal will be served

upon a table staged for your beautifying delight, amidst spa music, nature, and the birds.

 Sometimes food meditations are integrated into this experience, based upon the guests

requests and whether or not  they are taking a silent retreat.



 Barre Zen (Your Choice of Hot Sauna or Regular Temp)

Ballet Barre & Dance technique exercises to tone, energize & strengthen the body & mind. 

Fluidity & Agility exercises, stretches, and joint/feet activation are implemented, including corework. 

Both short, repetative, isometric movements AND full range of motion, deep stretching sensations are exercised. 



Yogalates (Your Choice of Hot Sauna or Regular Temp)


Pilates & core based exercises held in a rhythmic manner combined with yoga stretches, jointwork,

and concluding with  positive affirmation.

All exercises are predominantly done on your floor mat.



Isadora Duncan Classical Dance

Begin with Rhythmic Barre and Yogic Exercises for fluidity and agility & Deep Cleansing Breathwork for Purification.

Move into simple, repetitive premodern dance sketches that are inspired by the motion of Nature,

Greek Mythology, and femininity. For the Woman who wants to embody the Sacred Feminine

and Express the Art of Classic Beauty, She becomes the Strength of Grace in poetic motion.

 Tunics and flowers are offered to adorn the body and classical music is implemented. 



Ecstatic Dance

Begin with a warmup at the barre to stretch the body and elevate energy.

Move into facilitated dancing patterns that inspire Joy, freedom, connection, and transformation in the body.

  Equally explore non-guided dancing, by losing your self in the high energy, world music. Wear workout or yoga attire.