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What is Private Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy is the application of the ancient Science of Yoga to enhance health & wellness at all levels of the person: Physical, Psychological, & Spiritual. Yoga Therapy is useful for both people who seek relief for specific health challenges as well as for people who want to enjoy good health, prevent disease, & slow the progression of again. Yoga Therapy is based on a view of the individual as a wholeness. For true health to occur, all aspects of a person must be addresses as a whole. Integrative Yoga Therapy uses the ancient Vedic model of the Five Koshas as a framework for creating holistic healing & transformation.
What is Private Yoga Therapy composed of?
The client advances through a personalized program that specifically addresses your personal needs & desires derived from several holistic modalities such as breathing practices, structural yoga therapy, meditations, self inquiry practices, affirmations, Mudra therapy, emotional – clearing techniques, aromatherapy, energy medicine, color & sound therapy, body mapping, verbal sharing, non-invasive gentle, hands-on healing techniques as well as hands-off healing techniques.
Private Yoga Therapy vs. Yoga
In yoga Therapy, the tools and techniques of yoga serve to reconnect each client to him or herself at all levels—from the physical body to the breath, the energetic body, mind and emotions, the higher wisdom faculty, & to the spirit. 
Some of The Main Ways
Yoga Therapy Differs from Yoga Are:
• Yoga Therapy works with your goals. 
Each session is tailored to your needs, whether you want to gain relief from chronic pain, facilitate injury recovery, improve flexibility, reduce stress and improve anxiety management, strengthen mental health, get help with depression, over-reactive issues, release trauma, deepen your connection to Spirit, get self-empowered to rid addictive patterns, develop a foundational platform to maximize your fullest potential in class & home practices, or simply retain your youthful appearance and energy.
•Yoga Therapy targets the practice to specific conditions rooted in the Physical, Subtle, Psycho-Emotional, & Spiritual. 
When addressing specific conditions & intentions, it is best to learn specific techniques to acquire specific results. Each program differs, a yoga therapy program for back pain, for example, would be very different from a yoga therapy practice targeting depression. 
 Yoga Therapy adjusts Poses to Your Needs & Moods. 
A yoga therapist shows you how to modify and adjust poses to your body’s specific needs, using props, modifications, and proper alignment.This ensures that you get the full benefits from each pose and technique. The rhythm of the practice is customized to your energy level.
• Yoga Therapy uses adjunct techniques to speed your progress. 
 A yoga therapist may use various other techniques from different modalities to create an enhanced release & to facilitate a deeper core awakening.
• Yoga Therapy deepens body awareness, mindfulness,
breath awareness, & spiritual awareness. 
Yoga therapy is offered in individual sessions or small classes, enabling the therapist to guide you in the fine subtleties of muscle relaxation, stretching, strengthening, meditation, self-inquiry practices, breathwork, mudra therapy, affirmation therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, verbal sharing, & deep exploration towards increasing an awakening that helps you make more rapid progress in reshaping your body, mind, heart, spirit. 





1  90min. Therapy Session: $100, plus any initial consultation and Over-Time Fees

4 Therapy Sessions: $90each, plus any initial consultation and Over-Time Fees

8 Therapy Sessions: $80each, plus any initial consultation and Over-Time Fees

12 Therapy Sessions: $70 each, plus any consultation and Over-Time Fees


Discount Pricing is offered to those in critical financial states.


Who is Private Yoga Therapy For?

People With Specific Health Concerns who want to acquire tools specific to their condition to improve wellness.

Yoga has proven helpful in the management of pain, arthritis, depression, anxiety and stress, fibromyalgia, PMS, headaches, insomnia, menopause, cancer, parkinsons, auto-immune disorders, mental illness, life changes & transitions, PTSD, & numerous other conditions to name a few. 

People Who Would Like to Overcome Self-Imposed Habitual Patterns, Afflictions, & Self-Suffering.

Yoga and Meditation teaches one how to better manage thoughts, feelings, and reactive rates. It is an excellent source for stress management & provides healing to the psycho-emotional body. 

People Who Wish to slow disease and Improve Health.

Private Yoga Therapy can give you the tools to deepen body awareness & increase the health of your body from its most subtle level of functioning. Yoga can also be an effective tool to manage & cope with pain & suffering of any kind more gracefully. A Therapeutic Program can significantly enhance your over-all well being and acts as a complimentary component to any existing wellness program. 

People Who Would Like to Develop a Home Practice.

A Yoga Therapist can develop a Personalized Home Practice for You that will target your every need. The Home Practice should be evolving, & it is good to re-establish a new one every 4-12 weeks. 

People Who Would Like to Acquire an Authentic Understanding of The System of Yoga For Self-Healing.

Your Private Program can be concentrated in learning the fundamental basis of all 7 Schools of Yoga, The Channels of The Breath, Fundamental Meditations & Breathing Practices that are rooted in Tradition & Science.

People Who Would Like to Learn Personalized Modifications to Participate in Public Classes. 

If you are serious about taking Yoga & are new to the System, it is ideal to schedule a Private Yoga Therapy Session to learn modifications and the fundamentals of the breath before you participate in Public Classes. A Private Session covers what a public class will not and your knowledge will prevent injury and accelerate benefit out of any public class. Individual sessions are an important adjunct to regular yoga classes to ensure you gain the most from the postures.

People Who Are Looking For a Fulfilling Way to Exercise. 

Yoga can be formed as a Holistic Fitness Routine. When performed correctly, yoga is a rewarding and intrinsically motivating way to stay or become fit, while experiencing a state of deep relaxation & rejuvenation-all at once. The body/mind/spirit feels invigorated & restored rather then exhausted & overwhelmed from a workout. Individual sessions are an important adjunct to regular yoga classes to ensure you gain the most from the postures.

People Who Are under-going Big Transitions & Life Changes.

 Yoga Therapy is an excellent lantern in a dark phase of life. The program nourishes inspiration, self-love, & clarity in a time that may require deep surrender and acceptance or the willpower to change. 

People Who Want to Exercise a Transformative Self-Love Program & Adopt Tools to Change or Manage Conditions.

Private Therapy selects & modifies a unique experience of your own healing journey appropriately with respect to your age, culture, religion, intention/desires, mood, stream of thoughts, & specific physical conditions. 

People Who Want Concentrated, Therapeutic Time& are Seeking Results That Will Provide Wellness Sustainability.

People who want concentrated, therapeutic time provided to them to harmonize with their goals & aspirations for achieving effective results & to facilitate deep change or wellness stability. 




How is Private Yoga Therapy done?

Your own personal "Rejuvenation Station" awaits you. Your mat set-up feels like a comfortable bed. The space is a size of a yoga mat, cushioned with a bed composed of 5 pillows & one heavy blanket over the thick yoga mat. A Bolster for the back & an eye silk pillow is provided for deep rest & relaxation. Neck support and a pillow with extra assecories are provided to ensure physical comfort. Yoga belts are offered to assist comfort in each pose. Extra pillows are available for added comfort. Complimentary herbal warm compresses are offered for soothing tension and decompression. See  left image below for an example. 


What if I Can't Get on The Floor?

If a "Rejuvenation Station" is not an option for you, then a massage table will be provided, with all of the amenities mentioned above to ensure easy access & transitioning from supine position to standing. 





Rejuvenation Stations

Massage Table for Yoga



Why Private Yoga Therapy?

The philosophy & psychology of Yoga, while applying the Science of the Mind, form the basis of Private Yoga Therapy. Experiencing a personalized holistic program catered to your needs will help to liberate one's Being from rigidity & resistance in non-invasive ways & act as a complementary component to one's existing program. Private Yoga Therapy enhances all other routes to Wellness & can accelerate great change in your current condition. In Yoga Therapy, illness is a sign post in the journey of self – realization, pointing toward transformation & wellness. Instead of focusing on the removal of symptoms, as in allopathic medicine, Yoga Therapy sees the healing process as that of bringing the entire being into wholeness. Relief from symptoms is just one facet of the journey towards self-healing.



Chair Therapeutic Yoga 

Gentle & Therapeutic postures with the aid of a chair allows full benefit of decompressing into the poses without the strain of getting up & down from the floor. Breathwork to strengthen the diaphram, oxygenate, balance moods & hemispheres of the brain. Structural Yoga Therapy helps to strengthn the body, elongate torso, & createt a flexible spine. Meditation is incorporated to release tension, deal better with discomfort, & nourish the nervous system. Great for seniors, arthritus, recovering from illness, injury, joint replacement, specific needs, or preventive care as one ages. 
Intermediate Chair Flow Yoga


Structural, Therapeutic poses that are dynamic by nature combined with flowing, vinyasa poses that strengthen and wring out stress from the body. The assistance of chairs/stools allows the client space for deper lunges without over-stimulating the joints. Inversions, lateral bends, lunges, deep twists and deep hip openers can be held longer due to the prop support.  Planks are taken on an angle with the chair, making it less impactful on the wrists. This is a uniquley creative & deep stretch experience. Meditation, Breathwork, & other Yoga Therapy tools are implemented based on individual needs & desires. 






Aqua Yoga Therapy

Somatic Movements in the warm therapy pools, typical cool pool, or low heat jacuuzi combined with resting therapeutic yoga postures & proper breathing in a meditative intonation  increases range of motion, mobility, flexibility, & blood circulation. The assistance of noodle props can be integrated into therapeutic postures to release held weight into a deeply relaxing state. Savasana Meditation is performed floating upon the water with noodles.  Private Programs are catered to specific needs to bring balance back to the body/mind/spirit.




Mermaid Motion 

Plunge into Therapeutic benefits of H20 combined with fluid, dynamic, & low-impact exercises that increase circulation,  boost immunity,  release mental tension, & build over-all strength & tone.  Enjoy a fusion of Dance, Yoga, Pilates, & Moving Meditations in a pool, ocean, or any body of cool water.  This is a Holisitc Fitness experience. 




Maalika-Shay is not responsible for any external noises, distractions, or other people exercising in any public body of water. If you dont own a private pool or jacuuzi, Meditation will be given in private/quiet area  prior to relocating to the pool.  Any Admission Price for the client & therapist to use a public pool will be paid in addition to the regular Private Yoga Therapy Price by the client. Typically a $30 add-on admission charge is required  to meet at the Warm Therapy Pool. 

Pricing & Initial Process 

How Many Times a Week Should I Come?

  • Committing to Sessions, 1-2 times a week is the standard. There needs to be some time in between sessions to process & integrate what ever has been experienced. 


Once-Monthly Maintenance Program:

  • One You have had at least 12wks of Foundational work, you can lessen the schedule to Every other Week, or Once-Monthly for Maintenance.


  • Your Pre-Purchased Packages must be scheduled within One Years Time if for some reason you are not taking sessions a minimum of once weekly.


Handling Cancellations:

  • When purchasing a package & needing to cancel a week unexpectedly, another week will be added on to the end of your original last session date or you can reschedule for another day/time that same week if there is an opening under such short notice.


  • If you cancel in under 24hrs notice, there is a $15 cancellation fee owed upon the next visit because that is time I could have booked another appt. 













Maalika-Shay Has Years of Experience In Having Helped Those With:

 Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Parkinsons, Lymes, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's  Breast Cancer, Brain Cancer, Cancers of the Reproductive Systems, Spinal Stenosis, Chronic Pain Management, Hypertension, Cardiac Conditions,  Asthma, GERD, BI-Polar, Scychophrenia, Depression, Anger Management, Suicidal Cases, Mid-Life Crises, Divorce Trauma, Physical Abuse Trauma, Addictions, Sexual Abuse Trauma, Kundalini Emergence, Spiritual Crisis, Chronically ill, Pregnancy Yoga, Kids Yoga, & Stability for those needing Empowerment, Inspiration, & Healing as they move into the last Stages of Life & Surrendering Process.

Credit Cards, Checks, Cash Accepted. 

Cancellation Fees are Due by Cash or Check Only. 

Maalika-Shay Devidasi, Yoga Therapist

Appointment Line With Text: 941 3020876

Multi Media Products Line: 941 951 1924



Second Site:

Address: Sarasota, Fl 34239, numerical address Given out upon First VIsit. By Appt. ONLY

Maalika-Shay Devidasi, Yoga Therapist

Telephone With Text: 941 302  0876


Sister Site:

Address: Sarasota, Fl 34239, numerical address Given upon First VIsit. By Appt. Only

Credit Cards, Checks, Cash Accepted. 

Cancellation Fees are Due by Cash or Check Only. 


Single Sessions & 4 Wk Packages:

  • All Single Session & 4 Wk Program Packages must be paid in full upon first day of Session to receive the 4Wk discount pricing.


  • You can purchase a 4 Wk Package & utilize it for a Once-Monthy Maintenance Program but discount pricing must still be paid in full upon first session. All sessions must be utilized within one year if you are breaking discount package pricing up into extended months. 


Financing Options For 8 & 12 Wk Packages:

  • If you are purchasing a Package of 8weeks or 12weeks, you have financing option of paying total cost upon first day of treatment or upon each new month. You have an option to Pay in Full upon first Session via CC, Check, or Cash or if you are in a bind, you can opt for the following payment plans:


  • 8Week Program Financing Available: Pay 50% on First Day of Week 1 out of 8, Pay final 50% on First Day of Week 4 out of 8. Should you cancel your package appointments after commitment & discount pricing offered, you will owe the regular price per session of all treatments you already experienced. Credit Cards, Checks, Cash Accepted. 


  • 12 Week Program FInancing Available: Pay 1/3 on First Day of Week 1 out of 12, Pay another 1/3 on First Day of Week 5 out of 12. Pay final 1/3 payment on First Day of Week 9 out of 12. Should you cancel your package appointments after commitment & discount pricing offered, you will owe the regular price per session of all treatments you already experienced. 








Over-Time In Sessions:

There is a Chance that you will need more than 90mins to complete your session based on the content, the energy opened up, your verbal sharing,  your understanding, & your ability to transition out of the meditative experience easily/without haste or shock.

If this happens, I will let you know of the remainder time, and you will have a choice to either:

1. Continue the Session for a charge of $5 for every 10mins.

2. Or Pay for another session on another day to conclude the treatment.


  Benefits of Private Yoga Therapy



Physiological Benefits

• Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium, with a tendency toward parasympathetic nervous system dominance rather than the usual stress-induced sympathetic nervous system dominance

• Pulse rate decreases
• Respiratory rate decreases
• Blood pressure decreases (of special significance for hyporeactors)
• Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) increases
• EEG - alpha, theta, delta, and beta waves increase during meditations
• EMG activity decreases
• Cardiovascular efficiency increases
• Respiratory efficiency increases 
• Gastrointestinal function normalizes
• Endocrine function normalizes
• Excretory functions improve
• Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase
• Posture improves
• Strength and resiliency increase
• Endurance increases
• Energy level increases
• Weight normalizes
• Sleep improves
• Immunity increases
• Pain decreases


Psychological Benefits 

• Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
• Mood improves and subjective well-being increases
• Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase
• Social adjustment increases
• Anxiety and depression decrease
• Hostility decreases


 Psychomotor Functions Improve 

• Grip strength increases
• Dexterity and fine skills improve
• Eye-hand coordination improves
• Choice reaction time improves
• Steadiness improves
• Depth perception improves
• Balance improves
• Integrated functioning of body parts improves


Cognitive Function Improves with Yoga Therapy
• Attention improves
• Concentration improves
• Memory improves
• Learning efficiency improves
• Symbol coding improves
• Depth perception improves
• Flicker fusion frequency improves


Biochemical Effects of Yoga Therapy

The biochemical profile improves, indicating an anti-stress and antioxidant effect, important in the prevention of degenerative diseases. 
• Sodium decreases
Glucose decreases
• Sodium decreases
• Total cholesterol decreases
• Triglycerides decrease
• HDL cholesterol increases
• LDL cholesterol decreases
• VLDL cholesterol decreases
• Cholinesterase increases
• Catecholamines decrease
• ATPase increases
• Hematocrit increases
• Hemoglobin increases
• Lymphocyte count increases
• Total white blood cell count decreases
• Thyroxin increases
• Vitamin C increases
• Total serum protein increases
• Oxytocin increases
• Prolactin increases
• Oxygen levels in the brain increase


Maalika-Shay Specializes In:

* Stress Reduction & Management

* Anxiety/Trauma/PTSD

* Self-Empowerment Path

* Strengthening The Broken Spirit

* Subtle System Balancing

* Healing the Emotional & Spiritual Heart

* Accessing & Utilizing Healing Energy within the Breath to Maximize Pose Potential

* Joint Therapy & Inducing deep Flexibility

* Developing or Refining a Home Practice 

* Spiritual Emergence & Crisis




Payment & Program Guidelines:

These Regulations Cant Be Changed, Please Respect

& Abide Within my Boundaries & Return of Effort Exchange: