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The Breathing Space

A Private Wellness Haven for Body~Mind~Spirit Therapies

 Rev. Maalika-Shay Devidasi, Yoga Therapist, Director



The New Breathing Space

Wellness House Model now facilitates

 Over-Night Accomadations with

 Add-On Holistic Therapy

Treatments at Discount Pricing.



Menu of Sacred Offerings

Ministry Services

It is my mission to be there for all families through all walks of life in a harmonic Way that accommodates All Faiths. I realize that not all individuals are affiliated with a particular house of Worship, some families are of mixed faiths, & some practice their spirituality on more of a individual basis. Your ceremony will be customized to your beliefs, values, & your faith. Every kind of Service, wether how ornate or simple it may be, is given with the upmost complete care & nurturance, pure & deep thought, & total attention toward your intention on creating an incredibly special experience saturated with a healing energy that  blesses us with the Beauty of miracles.


Mother-To-Be Ceremony

& Welcoming New Soul to Earth 


A  Blessing Way Rites of Passage Ceremony is given in honor of the Mother-to-Be, to recognize & respect the powerful & transformative gate She will walk through.  This ceremony also honors the new Soul transitioning into Earth. Generations of Women are gathered to circle an anchor of support, strength, inspiration, & internal preparation for Birth. Beautiful group unifying rituals to bring blessing to the Mother & Child are performed as she is surrounded by love & tranquility. The setting is a spiritual alternative to a baby shower. The event could be catered,  potluck, or appetizers & refreshments only. The Women honor the Mother with poems, prayers, songs, & words.  Painting of the belly, gifting, group practices that acknowledge the long line of Mothers that we all came from, & other artistic & heart-warming expressions are all integrated. Maalika-Shay will facilitate the rites of passage ceremony while working closely with the Mothers family to establish an ideal & sacred experience for all. She will include a special Blessing for the Mother & child individually as part of the ceremony & assist the Mother in all her desires & needs. 


Ministry Services Rites of Passage Ceremony: 

$200, 3 hrs. Performed at any preferred venue.


Space Rental: Full Use of Facility & Gardens, $500

Please refer to Services included in the "Engagement Blessing & Garden Party" bullet points.


Space Rental & Ministry Services:

Space Rental & Ministry Services: $600






House Banishing & House Blessing


A House Banishing & House Blessing is a solution to remove unwanted, toxic debris out of your sanctuary and to invite new, pure, & protected  energy into your immediate surroundings. Past emotions, past thoughts, past actions performed on the property should be purified anew to invite the gift of God's Loving Goodness, Prosperity, Health, & Peace in. A House Blessing can be part of a house-warming party or held in an intimate setting with only the immediate family as a way to celebrate & consciously sanctify the Property by offering Purification & Blessing to the householders & House.

Each room is addressed with prayers & invocation, spiritual tools, and purification techniques. These two services typically go hand in hand but can be treated independently pending on area of concern & the complexity of it for the householders. I offer Completely customized services to address your needs accordingly.


House Banishing/Blessing Ceremony: $250 for general ceremony.  For complicated circumstances, my time is $75 per hour after initial  3hrs.





Space Rental 

Intimate Wedding  for under 20

at The Breathing Space Gardens


The Breathing Space will host a sentimental & intimate Gathering of Love for you with full use of the Haven. Enjoy a romantic & whimsical setting in the gardens, equipped with fire-light, flowers, & serenity.  A Whimsical lit Gazebo with flowing white gauze drapery creates a wonderful hut to exchange vows under. White linen table-settings with soft rose petals & clusters of candles make lovely center pieces. Hundreds of Strands of White tiny garden lights flicker at dusk as the moon rises. A Fire hearth glowing in the background warms the heart of your guests. Enjoy Indoor Vacant Studio Space that can be designed for any moment of the ceremony, dinner seating, or a inspired dance floor. Fully Equipped Kitchen & Silverware to prepare & store food items. Dressing Room & Shower for Bride to beautify. Two restrooms & 5 exiting doors for easy access throughout property. To schedule a consultation & for details, fill out the form below.

Rates beginning at $700


Breathing Space Services Include:

  • Initial Consultation & Meeting
  • Phone & Email Planning, Process & Time
  • White Linens, Rose Petals, & Candle Table Setting 
  • Candle-lit atmosphere upon entire haven
  • Tables, Chairs, Cloth Napkins, Silverware, Plates, Bowls,  Appetizer Trays,  BonFire, Tiki Torch Lighting, Pressure Washed Floors, Seasonal Flowers freshly planted for your Special Day, Bouquets of romantic flowers placed throughout indoor facility (excludes ceremony design, etc)
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen & Supplies 
  • Foundational Design Set-Up/ FoundationalDesign Break-down(Excludes Detail Set-Up & Detail Breakdown
  • Artistic Direction & Advisement upon request
  • Streaming Music of your Choice & Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
  • Single File Parking for 13 cars on Parking lot, plus street parking. 
  • Cleaning Services before & after your Event


Space Rental + Ministry Service

Breathing Space Wedding Package

For 20 & Under

$1000, Your Package Includes:

  • Wedding Minister
  • Custom Designed Ceremony
  • Space Rental
  • Dinner Setting Rental
  • Refer to previous bullets

Space Rental + Ministry Service

Engagement Blessing & Garden Party


The Breathing Space will host a sentimental & intimate Gathering of Love for you to ask your Beloved's hand in Marriage or to celebrate in a cherishing way the kick-off of your Journey together. Usually the bride's parents, groom's parents, & closest loved ones of the divine couple unite to witness, acknowledge, & toast an initiatic and auspicious time. Whether you choose to have a catered event, a family potluck, or drinks & dessert only; an engagement gathering is a perfect opportunity to bring loved ones from both sides of the couple together, & focus on the spark of New Beginnings. Enjoy a romantic & whimsical setting in the gardens, equipped with fire-light, flowers, & serenity. Maalika-Shay will also offer a Blessing of Love, Harmony, & Beauty to the Couple which incorporates a showering of roses over the crown of the  divine couple. To schedule a consultation & for details, fill out the form below.

Rates beginning at $500


My Services Include:

  • Initial Consultation & Meeting
  • Phone & Email Planning, Process & Time
  • Divine Love, Harmony, & Beauty Engagement Blessing
  • Chairs, Tables, White Linen Table Setting
  • Mini Rose Bouquets, Petals, & Candle Table Settings
  • Candles/candle-lit atmosphere upon entire haven
  • Tables, Chairs, Napkins, Silverware, Appetizer Trays, Bowls,  Insect Repellent, BonFire, Tiki Torch Lighting, Pressure Washed Floors, Special Garden Design, Full use of Indoor/Outdoor Haven & all its Supplies
  • Foundational Design Set-Up/Foundational Design Break-down
  • Artistic Direction & Advisement Upon Request
  • Flow of Sequence Coordination
  • Announcements
  • Streaming Music of your Choice & Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Space Rental + Ministry Service

Anniversary & Vow Renewal Ceremony

at The Breathing Space Gardens


The Breathing Space will host a sentimental & intimate Gathering of Love for you to reaffirm your original wedding vows & exchange new truths & devotions that have arose out of the depth & beauty of your marriage. A vow renewal ceremony can take place to bring the sustainability of blessing, unity, harmony, love, compassion, & beauty to the Marriage. Wether you choose to have a catered event, a family potluck, or drinks & dessert only; an engagement gathering is a perfect opportunity to rekindle the original Vision of Love & Honor unto one other. Enjoy a romantic & whimsical setting in the gardens, equipped with fire-light, flowers, & serenity. Maalika-Shay will Minister & custom design your special ceremony to your faith, vision, needs, culture, & desires. To schedule a consultation & for details, fill out the form below.

Rates beginning at $700


My Services Include:

  • Refer to Wedding Ministry Service Bullet Points Above
  • Refer to Wedding Space Rental at The Breathing Space Above

Ministry Service

Anniversary & Vow Renewal Ceremony 

Experience an inspiring, sacred, ceremony that best reflects your Love, Faith, & Vision. I offer harmonious & inspired kinship while walking with you throughout your vow renewal planning to create your ideal vision. For Caring, Professional, Elegant, Wedding Ministry Service offered with a deep, healing presence, please email me in the form at the bottom of this page to book a consultation. 

Rates beginning at $400


My Services Include: 

  • Refer to Wedding Ministry Service Bullet Pointes Above



Spirit Obsession Ceremony


Sometimes we do things we do not wish to do, things against our will & contrary to our ideals. A silent influence seems to control us & the thoughts & conditions of something or someone have great influence over our actions & speech. A Spirit can throw its thoughts upon the mirror of our mind, causing us to act out the Spirits expression. There are two kinds of obsession: one is when one soul imparts qualities into another, & the other is when a soul causes us to accomplish some deed. The Spirit or the consciousness of the Spirit has no other means of expression, so it seizes upon a persons weak mind & will as a means of control. This is a prayerful ceremony that focuses on cutting pathological cords, the strengthening of ones Willpower, & releasing influence by consultation, fragrance, fire, water, sound, prayer, energy medicine, invoking the Name of God, healing energy, & by reflecting upon the heart of the obsessed with Wisdom & Transformation. The ceremony is performed off-site & the length & complexity of it greatly depend upon each individual circumstance. This ceremony addresses the levels of obsession only & is not intended for Spirit Possession.


There are numerous details in order to receive this ceremony which will be explained by phone. The rate is $75 per every hour invested, from ceremony to counseling. The length depends upon the nature of the ceremony, internal & external preparation time, mental/emotional effort-exhaust, shakti-energy, & my life-force levels that is necessary to give you.  A thorough ceremony usually lasts up to 3hrs composed in in 7 stages of Invoking/Protection/Building Willpower/Rattling Attachment/Detaching Influence/Banishing  limitation/Sealing Wholeness/Sanctification. There is a traditional Sufi Ceremony that takes under an hour if you are interested in a more simplified experience.

The Light of God Surrounds me.

The Love of God Enfolds me.

The Power of God Protects me.

The Presence of God watches over me.

Wherever I Am, God Is.

Cleanse this Home, Remove the Past,

Ive Found my Happiness at long last.

Fill this home with Joy & Love,

Send your Blessings from Above.

Ministry Service

Wedding Ceremony

Experience an inspiring, sacred, ceremony that best reflects your Love, Faith, & Vision. Choose from a religious or non-religious, Traditional or Alternative, Elaborate or Simple ceremony that mirrors your Union beautifully.  I am an ordained Sufi Minister, which means I honor all religions & traditions. I also Serve Same-Sex & Vow Renewal ceremonies. It is my prayer that your wedding be the most blissful experience of your life, and I will do everything to Serve that Vision to the fullest. I offer harmonious & inspired kinship while walking with you throughout your ceremonial planning  to create your ideal vision of your Special day. For Caring, Professional, Elegant, Wedding Ministry Service offered with a deep, healing presence, please email me in the form at the bottom of this page to book a consultation. Rates beginning at $300

My Services Include:

  • Initial Consultation & Meeting
  • Phone & Email Planning, Process & Time
  • Research, Coordinating, Guidance, & Assistance with Reading Selections
  • Idea Templates for Sacred Union Rituals & Symbolic Offerings
  • Custom Wedding Ceremony  Design & Organization
  • Final Planning Meeting, In Person if necessary (Additional $40 per hr.)
  • Rehearsal Ceremony if necessary (Additional $40 per hr.)
  • Decorative, Floral, or Alter Design Assistance (Additional $40 per hr.)
  • Shopping for Decorative or Floral Design (Additional $40 per hr.)
  • Filing & Recording Marriage License
  • Travel Expenses
  • Always Available as a Sacred Supporter of your Marriage 
  • The Blessing of a Powerful & Graceful Ceremony







 Ministry Service

Marriage of Heart & Soul

Symbolic Ceremony


Maalika-Shay will custom design a Commitment Ceremony  for you according to your faith, culture, vision, desires, & needs. The Sacred Union Ceremony marries the Hearts & Souls of the Divine Couple, without being bound to the legalities of a traditional Marriage. Licenser & Paperwork is not required for this symbolic ceremony, only unbound Devotion, Love, Commitment, & Union. Vows & various unifying rituals based upon the couple's liking are exchanged. The loving ceremony can be held in an intimate setting with minimal witnesses or in a social setting, with a greater hub of external support & celebrators.  Wether you chose to have a simple or comprehensive rites of passage ceremony, Maalika-Shay acts as Sacred Supporter to your shared Love & will Serve you an extraordinarily powerful ceremony to double, strengthen, and expand the Grace of your Love. Rates beginning at $250


My Services Include:

  • Refer to Wedding Ministry Service Bullet Points Above


Space Rental

Marriage of Heart & Soul 

Symbolic Ceremony


My Services Include:

  • $100 Garden Area Only, With Couple, 4 Witnesses Maximum, & Minister Only.  Space Rental For 2 hrs Max. All other supplies, cleaning, preparations, breakdowns, designing, coordinating, advisements, rituals, & all other needs must be handled apart from Maalika-Shays time & effort levels.
  • $600 Full use of Facility & All other Services mentioned above in "Intimate Wedding for 20 & Under at The Breathing Space", with food/drink items, table settings, guests, facilitation, advisement, coordination, preparation, & cleanup services before & after.


Baby Blessing


A  Baby Blessing is also known as a Baby Christening, Baby Glistening, & Baby Welcoming. It is a Rites of Passage Ceremony used to Welcome the baby into the community & induce Great Blessing upon the babys life & essence. Spiritual & Cultural traditions of Baptism & Spiritual Baby Naming can be integrated according to the Parents faith, culture, & vision. The baby is baptized with water, light, & oils.A Baby Blessing Ceremony creates the sweetest time for family & loved Ones to unite & honor the incredible Gift that is your Child. The Blessing Ceremony can be held in any venue of your choice. Baptisms are not limited to babies & all persons who wish to honor & sanctify the purification of one's body/mind/spirit  is welcome. The Rites of Passage will be personalized & designed according to your hearts desire. Your Special Ceremony will be given with the upmost care & sensitivity, reflecting a beautiful & blessed marking in Life. For Adult Baptism, See info on "Personal Rites of Passage Ceremony" below. 


Baby Blessing Ceremony: $100, Comes with certificate & custom designed ceremony.


Strictly Space Rental:  $50 per hour. Responsible for Set up/break down, all supplies, coordination, decor, etc...



Soul Midwifery


"There is a moral task of caregiving, & that involves just being there, being with that person & being committed. When there is nothing that can be done, we have to be able to say, "Look, Im with you in this experience, Right through to the end of it." ~Dr. Arthur Kleinman


There a Birth Midwives & there are Death Midwives. What does a Death/Soul Midwife do?

  • ​Supports & recognizes the individual needs of the dying to enable a tranquil death.
  • Assisting those to make Peace with one's Being, Peace with others, & peace with the world.
  • Death Planning
  • Being a Healing Presence & Sacred Supporter 
  • Respecting & Honoring the persons religious/spiritual or atheist/agnostic beliefs & practice. 
  • Working as a multi-faith practitioner to honor the dying persons beliefs about life, death, or the afterlife.
  • Giving healing through various elements such as touch, sound, color, aromatherapy, song, meditation, breathwork, reading, affirmation or prayer if applicable.
  • Listening deeply & providing gentle, therapeutic techniques to alleviate pain & anxiety
  • Keeping a loving vigil
  • Creating a sacred healing Space for the dying
  • Anointing / End of life Personalized Ritual
  • Serving, not to aim to "fix" or "rescue"
  • Connecting with the Spirit of the Dying at All levels of transition
  • Providing comfort, continuous support, & help 
  • Visiting with the family after death to share experiences, talk & reflect


It would be a profound honor to walk this path beside you & provide my services within a home, hospice, or hospital. Rates are based upon the families needs & resources & are discussed upon an initial meeting. Please contact me so we can exchange how I may Serve your family & loved one.



Life Transitions Series

In Dying & Death


The Life Transitions Program is in the setting of a Private Yoga Therapy Session, generally committed to a minimum of 12weeks for individuals in generally fair condition to get a comprehensive experience of Greater Understanding. It is completely up to you regarding how deep & at what pace you would like to process & explore. The intention is to experience a series of self inquiry practices, meditations, breathwork, & verbal sharing around death, that allows a more graceful & detached view of this natural part of life. The Self-Inquiry practices help to release any fear or resistance around the topic of Dying, Death, & the hereafter.


This Program need not be limited to someone in a critical state, but rather, provides great benefit to all people, as it prepares & brings peace & maturity upon the subject. This concentrated type of inner work brings greater understanding & respect to the process of Death. We honor & acknowledge the full cycle of Life, from birth to death, & not allow taboo mentality, fears, or illusion to get in the way of exploring & receiving the Wisdom, Truth, & Authenticity that arises out of these mindful contemplations.


Death is equally just as great of a transformation as Birth. This program helps us to grasp, touch, & explore this mysticism so we can confront what needs to be addressed & reach a comforting  peace within our selves, others, & with the earth.  We can experience this while we are in the fullness of life & also when our time comes to let go. The process of letting go takes practice, so its best to start when we are alive & well. Private Session Pricing for this specific work is $50 for every 2 hours invested.


  • Funeral  Ceremony


  • Memorial Service


  • Cremation Service


  • Freeing The Ashes Ceremony


I offer dignified & graceful Ministry Services that will foster hope & peace during a very difficult time. I can help plan & develop a customized service that reflects the beliefs, the life, & the wishes of the deceased. A distinct selection of funeral poems, inspirational verses, peaceful readings, & any group ritual acts of sending Peace, Love, & Blessing to the deceased as they make their journey onward will serve as a memorable tribute for your loved one. Your needs will be compassionately met and a message that best honors your loved ones life will be given in an appropriate & beautiful manner.  The standard rate for these kinds of services range from $175-$250 & vary pending upon the services performed & the families resources. Please contact me for an initial meeting, as it is an incredible honor & privilege to offer your family my total support & loving best.

End of Life Rituals


End of life rituals bring reconciliation, acceptance, & peace for the dying & also the surviving loved ones. Simple, intimate, & personalized rituals that make sense and are resonant to the dying will be offered to help heal the pain of letting go. End of life rituals are unique & significant to each individual and highly respect & honor the persons belief system & religious point of view. Some examples of end of life rituals include intentional way of letting go of  unresolved issues such as anger, remorse, or sadness. These particular kind of rituals can deeply benefit all people in various stages of the dying process & are not exclusively limited to those on their death bed.  Other end of life rituals suited for those in their last hours are are purification rituals like cleansing & anointing the body with warm water & aromatic oils, sweet music & song, making an alter composed of the symbology of what the persons life, love, & legacy is, as well as an offering of poetry, readings, affirmations or prayers if applicable. Please contact me if you would like to explore any of these healing kind of rituals during your unwinding stage or if you have a loved one whom you would like to make the act of dying not only peaceful, but beautiful & sacred.


Dying Rites & Blessing 


I will provide Ministry & Blessing at the time of death based upon the person & families faith, vision, & needs. Generally,  a ministering of preparation & reconciliation is administered to the dying. Others join me in prayer or affirmation, laying on of hands & anointing, holy communion or taking a symbolic act that unifies the environment & people within love & peace, such as encircling the dying hand in hand, heart in heart. Commendation & if it applicable, specific affirmation or prayers to be said after death is offered.
The honorarium for both of these services to travel, organize , create, & customize a once-in-a-lifetime experience is greatly valued & will be put to great use.

Divorce Ceremony


I offer this healing ritual for you as a way to release trauma from your past relationship. The ceremony catalyzes a way to let go of the emotional, mental, & psychological grip of the traumatic experience. This releasing ceremony gives primary intent to releasing anger, psycho-emotional blockages, manipulative psychic energies, &  self-suffering. This sacred time provides the space & depth to address unsaid words & incomplete feelings so you can have real closure, not only with your ex-partner's Soul, but with your Own. The ceremony brings both the Blessing or Peace & resolution in the best way it can to both participants in the relationship. If you are not able to have a peaceful closure with the person In person, then this will allow you the gift of experiencing that, as we communicate with the Soul of the other, and make amends & Peace on a physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual level. Profound relief can come out of this sacred offering. I also provide a couple's divorce ceremony If both people desire to engage in healing closure together.  This is about honoring and acknowledging what works and transcending consciously what doesn't. All couples that have experienced a profound loss on a Soul level are invited to find closure with this kind of ceremony. It is not limited to legally wedded relations. $75 per every hour invested from counseling to ceremony.

Your own Uniquely Customized

Rites of Passage  Ceremony


I, your Ceremonialist, will assist you as a Sacred Supporter upon your Self-Healing Journey. I will help guide you to create new pathways & patterns within your Self & around your life that will be provoked through the symbolism of your custom ceremony. As you walk through a new gate of Self-Empowerment, we can design a Rites of Passage Ceremony that so beautifully & deeply reflects your Vision & Inspires your Desire. You have gone or are going through a life Change that demands respect & acknowledgment in a conscious way to bring greater healing & wholeness into your existence. You are ready to acknowledge & honor your history, the depth of your effort, & the growth you have made, thus far. You are ready to have the courage to address & transform that which needs to find Peace so you can authentically Release impressions that have bound you to your past or pain. You want to bring Blessing & Peace to your Past, the Present, & to your Future. You are here to take root in knowing which direction to gracefully Walk. Rites of Passage Ceremonies are transformational & a very significant experience in one's life. Email for a consultation of collective ideas. 

Rate: $75 per every hour invested from counseling to ceremony.



Rites of Passage Subjects:


Birth/Death/Life Transitions

Marriage/Independent/Child Transitions

Divorce/New Career/New Home/New Fate

Illness/Health/Addiction/Childhood Trauma

Abuse/Sexual Manipulation/Depression/Healing



Unresolved Closure in Relations

Saying GoodBye to Former lifestyle & Welcoming

New Self & New Path

Coming if Mystical Age & Using Archetypes to

transform fearful thinking about various cycles

of a  Woman/Man's life

Releasing the Past

Sacred Birthday Ceremonies

Self-Empowered Ceremony